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eve most wanted information

we've embedded some features to decrease the possibility and efficience of spamming the eve most wanted links. these features work as follow:
.) 1 kill per minute - pirates can only do 1 pod-kill per minute.
.) no corp/allianz member kills.
.) We added a mechanism to count "spam attacks".
.) report spammers - we want others to pay attention and we DON'T want pirates to spam, so if you recognize a user, spamming eve most wanted links in public and eve system-related channels, please send a log of those spamming actions to us. We will take a look into our kill logs and his spam counter and ban the pirate if nessacary.

we've changed the bounty-system to improve pod-killing and also to improve spam-protection. The bounty, gained by killing victims, will now be calculated based upon the rank of the victim, the pirate and a standard-value (random value between 200,000 and 500,000). High-ranked pirates will get a low bounty for killing low-ranked victims, otherwise low-ranked pirates will get a high bounty for killing high-ranked victims. So try to pod higher pirate.

Working with the Bio
The whole game was programmed with the thought to use your Bio with intelligence and humor by 'cloaking' your personal link. So try to think about a phrase which gains attention of others to click it.
Here a quick example how to do this:
First get an idea of how to get attention (e.g. See that there are also girls playing Online Games!!!) Now, to 'cloak' your link, mark the word(s) you want to get linked, then look a bit higher. There is a small field named: url. Click it and now you can type your link (WITHOUT HTTP://) into the textfield and update the marked word(s) in your Bio into a podding trap. ;)

Eve most wanted forum: http://rpgchat.net/community/

This is your personal eve most wanted url: http://eve.orb.at/?120053719
Hint: Put a hidden link to this url in your BIO to raise your bounty.
See http://eve.orb.at/info/ for more information.

Please report spammers to us and ccp.

Eve Most Wanted developed by Chay Vroomfold
Public Relations, Spam Reports, Questions evemail: Si'jun Ensqo
eve chat: emw :: irc chat: server irc.rpgchat.net, channel #eve